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Teaser / Obsessed

I was the senior producer and director for this digital series for Shaun White's Air + Style Network on Verizon Go90. The series follows celebrities as they engage their favorite obbsessions outside their day jobs. Whether it's surfing, brewing beer or tacos, we explored the things they loved off the clock.

Teaser / Underbelly

Blending the irreverence of The Daily Show, the foodie scavenger elements of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and the investigative hunger of Vice, UNDERBELLY creates an entirely new type of food show… with a real bite. This is a deep dive into the underground world of food. Due to strict FDA regulations, artisans responsible for some truly amazing food can only be found on the black market. Our host — who has hunger pangs for something illegal — is going out to search for them. With a mix of comedy, sincerity, and sarcasm, our host will uncover the dirty underbelly of the food industry so that you know exactly who to blame for keeping you from your sausage. There’s nothing more American than a hungry horde demanding, “Give me sausage or give me death!”

Showreel / Commercial

My 2016 commercial reel showcases a number of projects I did for companies like Starbuck, The Northface, Becker Surfboard, Toyata and many more. My work spans high end studio shoots and adventure shoots for some of the worlds top tier companies.

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